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034 [Video] | Forward-dated to about 4AM on the 8th
My wings are bigger [Angel]
[Castiel flips on the feed, once again in the safehouse he had broadcasted from with Jo. He looks worse for the wear this time, pale and splattered with blood, but there's also something much more subtly different about him.

Anyone with senses for the supernatural that could've picked it out amidst the rest of the chaos might have felt a surge of energy--similar to when Raphael had died, but less--about half an hour earlier.]

If anyone is in need of transportation, I am capable of moving myself and whoever necessary through the fire safely. Supplies as well; should anyone have large containers that might be used to transfer water, that will be of use.

I can be contacted through PCD, or through mental communication addressed to me. I will be able to find you in this manner, so if you are trapped or injured and cannot use your PCD, this method will be effective.

[Filtered to list*]Collapse )

[[ooc: *List being Rei, Raven, Jo, Al, Ed, Botan, Sango, Hitsugaya, Nathaniel, Lucifer, Gabriel, Unohana, Alexia, and Riza. Basically anyone taking a leadership role during this/anyone he's close with; if you feel your character might be on here and forgotten, just PM me!

Also, feel free to use this post for offlines/communication by prayer if you choose, just put the time/date in the subject if appropriate; his IC contact is also fine for this. He'll be available to heal anyone stuck in deathloops or otherwise injured, or simply to transport people. Hope you like angel flight~]]

033 [text]
And no signs to guide us home [Headache]
I don't understand how humans survive.

[Someone has a cold.]

032 [Video]
Taking notes [Nerding/Planning]
[Castiel looks quite a bit more normal now than he did the last time he made a post himself, steadfastly pretending the last post and the accompanying event never occurred. He's inside the Temple, and there's a window behind him; it's dark outside, but the snowfall is still visible through the glass.]

It has been snowing for the past three days. Is there any practical use for it? I have never had much reason to pay attention to snow before.

[And judging by that he's wearing his coat inside, he's not too pleased with this weather and would like there to be something benefit to it. Tell him there's something.]

Also, as those of you who saw Jo's post are aware, we have procured a juvenile dragon. Jo is being less possessive of the supplies now, and there is still far more meat than necessary for use at the Temple or at her home, so anyone low on food may have some. Also, though I am keeping half of the scales and a portion of the blood, should anyone need the remaining components for rituals or the like they are available as well.

[And that's all for the public, as he switches the feed over to private.]

[Filtered to Alphonse Elric]Collapse )

[Filtered to Edward Elric]Collapse )

031 [Video] | Forward-dated to Wednesday afternoon
This time baby I'll be bulletproof
[Castiel's been using text for the few and far between comments he's made to the network since the event started, but he simply doesn't care to continue doing so. He looks even more disheveled than usual, but his expression is almost eerily blank in contrast; for those that know him well enough to tell, it's not his usual neutral countenance, or even the way he normally looks when he's upset. His eyes are hollow and he's clearly not doing well in regards to the event, but his voice is steady and as unsettlingly detached as his expression.]

There must be someone with the capability to negate the need for sleep. Whoever can do this, whatever your terms for doing so are, they are acceptable.

[He either doesn't notice or doesn't care how desperate the words sound, and his tone never changes. He doesn't even know if 'awake' is the right term; he might be hallucinating now, and when he's in his world he's 'awake'. He can't tell. As it is, he's either already insane or he becomes so in the future, and even if the city is real, maybe he's already gone over the edge here too.

But he won't know--or at least it won't become a nonissue--until Sunday, if it is an event, and if it stops then. And until then, he can't deal with the dreams, or the visions, or the hallucinations or whatever they are that happen whenever he falls asleep. He will find a way to stay awake, whatever it takes.]

030 [Video]
Awkward angel is awkward [IDEK]
[Castiel really has nothing relevant to be posting about. He would've skipped doing so for this event entirely, busy with other projects, if it didn't happen to become necessary.

And it's become necessary because he seems to be trapped somewhere. Somewhere dark, except for a few slats of light about eye level, and what the PCD provides. When Castiel moves slightly to angle the PCD's screen better, his elbow hits one of the walls, and it makes a metallic sound.

He may or may not be stuck in a locker.]

I dislike asking for assistance, but it seems I must.

[This is a tone of long-suffering, everyone. And embarrassment. And of being trapped in a locker for the past three hours it's taken for him to quell his pride enough to admit he needs help.]


[Just the coordinates, no further explanation. Someone please save the angel, okay.]

[[ooc: For ease and for hilarity, whoever wants to come find him can do so. Continuity conflicts will be handwaived because lol what's continuity.]]

029 [Video]
That I'll be strong [Calm/Listening]
[Finally, that event is over. After about the first two days the novelty and the usefulness of it had worn off, and the fog and multitude of tombstones had simply become annoying. Not to mention all the people getting upset over them. Now that it's gone, though, and not providing a distraction, Castiel has things to do. And, as usual, that involves asking the network strange questions.]

How many of those here, before arriving in this world, had traveled to a dimension other than their own? Those of you that have, if you are willing to share the method if known, it would be of interest.

Also, should anyone have chalk, I am in need of more once again and will be willing to negotiate a trade of some sort.

[He's always running out of chalk. It's so frustrating.]

[Filtered to Lucifer]Collapse )

[Filtered to Gabriel]Collapse )

028 [Video]
This plan is stupid and so are you
[Here everyone, have a distinctly unimpressed-looking Castiel. He's out exploring, looking at tomestones; for anyone who is out there, there are hundreds if not thousands for angels alone, scattered amongst the city and most recognizable by their '-el' name suffixes. But that's not the problem; he's coldly indifferent to most of those gravestones, and in fact at the moment doesn't seem seriously bothered by anything at all. Just annoyed, because really.]

Has anyone else found multiple gravestones for themselves? I have five. This is unnecessary.

[Seriously, Animus, not funny. He doesn't need a marker for every single time he's died, okay. Especially not when he only knows of four.]

027 [Voice]
[° set] Don't wake me cause I'm dreaming
[He's quiet for a moment, just dead air until he speaks, voice quiet and carefully neutral.]

My sister, Anna, has returned home.

[To be imprisoned, go insane, and be killed. She's one of those that, for her, being here was better than being at home.

Two friends in two days; it isn't the worst anyone's dealt with by any means, but it still hurts. And Anna... Anna, one of the few siblings he loved, he would never see again. And she left here hating him.

Notification done, he just turns off the feed with no additional comment.]

026 [Video]
I'm dreaming outloud [Calm]
[He's on the grounds of the Temple for this broadcast, and like everywhere in the city at the moment there are apple trees suddenly doting the landscape. And apples everywhere.

Also Castiel's horrible trenchcoat has made a reappearance; despite that the weather isn't that bad, it warrants the coat. To him at least.]

Is this the event?

[Because... This is actually kind of nice. He's still not big on this whole eating thing, but he likes apples, and they're normally hard to come by. Also lets all just ignore the irony of angels eating apples okay? Okay.]

It follows the pattern of a reprieve after difficult events, at least. Can more be done with apples than eating them as they are?

[He is an angel he doesn't know this stuff. He never paid attention in human culture 101 as anyone who knows him can probably guess.]

[Filtered to Dean]Collapse )

[Filtered to Gabriel]Collapse )

[Filtered to Raven]Collapse )

[Filtered to Rei]Collapse )


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