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wingsandwill's Journal

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Castiel, Angel of the Lord. Angel of Thursday. Footsoldier. Fallen Angel. Member of Team Free Will. Mortal. The Sheriff of Heaven.

Originally as average an angel as one could find, Castiel eventually became something extraordinary, because he dared to do what few angels ever manage: He learned to think for himself. Rebelling against his superiors, he joined forces with the human Winchester brothers and their friend Bobby to take a stand in order to stop the coming of the Apocalypse, going against fate, destiny, and the forces of both Heaven and Hell in the process. After tearing up the script and destroying the rules, he became a leader in Heaven's bloody Civil War, fighting against the archangel Raphael in an attempt to keep the aborted Apocalypse from happening all over again and ending the way it was written.

Castiel is quiet, serious, and all-together not that friendly, but once he chooses a cause he's devoted to the end. Intensely loyal to his friends and unpredictably deadly to his enemies, he is very much two people at times, and not just in personality; his very nature wars between the angel he's always been, and the human he started to become. He's practical and logical, all the while his new and difficult to understand emotions push him into making reckless and sometimes greatly questionable decisions. He'll plan and plan, lay down something masterful and elaborate over time, and then throw it all away in an instant for someone he loves.

In the end, like his brothers before him, this intense love will either lead him to greatness or destroy him completely.

Banner screencap credit to crystalcaps. All icons credit to myself/tsavorite_icons unless otherwise noted. Credit not necessary if you'd like to take them!